parts of the structure
TOSHIBA transistor ultra high speed mosfet TPCA
high current SOP Advance series switching time 4ns
power film resistor 60 Watts caddock MP2060 Kool-Pak®
non-inductive design for high speed switching
precision resistors caddock MK-132V Micronox®
input connectors WBT-0210 Ag nextgen RCA socket, silver
output connectors WBT-0710 Ag nextgen pole terminal silver
Furutech inlet R rhodium 10A/250V AC mains input
Arcolectric rocker switches copper-silver
General Semiconductor ultrafast plastic rectifiers FES16BT
solid core Kapton insulated silver-gold cable Siltech G6 series
Nippon chemi-com LXZ 105c very low impedance
WIMA MKP 10 polypropylene capacitors
audio transformers toroidal Lachowski
Energizer Ultimate 9V battery

technical specification
input level for clipping 4,4 V @ 2 Ohm
input impedance 200 kOhm
gain 0 dB
output power 10 W
mains input 110/240 Vac @ 50/60 Hz
maximum input power 100 W
standby power 50 W
dimensions W 320 mm x D 320 mm x H 40 mm
weight 8,4 kg